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Kathleen's Story

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Kathleen Sutton was a remarkable woman in many ways. While she lived in Shine on the Olympic Peninsula, she worked in Kingston as a well-respected businesswoman. She served as president of the Kingston Chamber of Commerce, organized the annual 4th of July parade, and was a tireless volunteer. Kathleen founded the community’s “Team Flo” for the Susan G. Komen Foundation’s Race for the Cure. From 1998 until 2004 Kathleen Sutton underwent treatment for breast cancer in Seattle. A network of friends cherished their time with her as they drove her to many of her appointments. As they went back and forth from Kathleen’s home in Shine, they realized the enormous financial outlay for travel associated with cancer care. These expenses were not covered by her insurance and significantly added to the overall cost of treatment. Upon her death, as a tribute to Kathleen, a fund was established in her memory to assist other women with transportation costs. “A dream can make a big difference in many women’s life.” In May of 2003, Kathleen and I were on the ferry coming back from her weekly chemotherapy. We were talking about our upcoming fundraising for a national cancer organization. We had just bought ferry passes and they were expensive. I suggested to Kathleen that we should help other women in North Kitsap going for treatment for breast cancer to pay for the ferry cost. Kathleen didn’t buy the idea. However, late that evening Kathleen called me after wakening up from a bad dream about not having enough money to go for treatment and said: “Go for it!”

– Vivi-Ann Parnell, Founder, Past President, and Board Member

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