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Transportation Reimbursement

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Please fill out our transportation reimbursement request form below to get started. Once received, one of our client advocates will reach out.
See the "Request for Reimbursemen/Provider Authorization" and "Trip Tracker" at bottom of page for more information or to print.  

An authorization from medical provider is needed prior to initiating reimbursement.  

Client Advocate Contact Information:

Phone Number: (360)328-1049


Preferred mode of communication:
Are you a women over 18 years old?
Please select which of our four counties you live in
Please verify you have read the information about the documents at the bottom of the page

*Please keep an eye on your spam/other email folders after submitting this form for a response from one of our client advocates.

KSF Butterfly
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Please note that a KSF Provider Authorization will need to be filled out and validated by your medical provider and returned to your Client Advocate to validate your eligibility as a client. Once approved, you will use our KSF Trip Tracker to track your miles as directed by your Client Advocate.

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